Our business

"Nuts & More" is our business. Since 1975 Horst W. Palm works as an import agency for nuts and dried fruit produced by international packers for the European market. This business is carried on by PALM Nuts & More after a generation change in May 1999 .

We supply the retail trade, the processing industry and import and wholesale companies. Supply and demand for nuts and dried fruits is brought together by our intermediary. Direct, efficient and on the basis of our 30 years experience.

Our concept

„Nuts & More“ is our concept. A little bit more of everything. Not only nuts, but also dried fruit. Not only agent, but also service. To the benefit of our clients and producers. And according to our ISO 9002 certificate with guaranteed quality.

We represent producers of nuts and dried fruits from California, Australia, Spain and Morocco. We run their German subsidiary from our office. We are the connection to the origin. We offer at real market prices, on basis of neutral and up-to-date market information and with guaranteed delivery dates. Even partial loads can be ordered and will be shipped immediately. We deliver on a per pallet basis, free delivered to warehouses.

We are not only agent, but also service partner for our contract partner. Besides regular market information without any speculation we offer all services from the import procedure, ocean freight capacity, as well as warehousing, customs clearance to prepacking and distribution and marketing. Simply everything to secure a successful business. Simply „Nuts & More“.